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We help partners recycle batteries, electronics, and end-of-life products with environmentally-sound processing and refining technologies to produce key elements for circular supply chains.

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Electric Vehicles

The world is set on a path to electrify all transportation. Every major automaker is moving down this path and regulation around internal combustion engines and vehicle CO2 emissions is continuing to tighten. With nearly 100 million cars made annually and nearly 2 billion vehicles on the planet, the amount of materials in the future EV fleet and the environmental impact at end of life is enormous. We will be ready with solutions at the right scale to help make sure no EV batteries end up improperly disposed of and, instead, will turn this problem into a valuable materials stream returning to the battery production supply chain.

Grid/Renewable Storage

Transitioning the worlds electricity to renewable sources requires storage and is already becoming a major market for batteries. This could likely become a battery market larger than the entire EV market and will require robust end of life solutions and management. Redwood is working with project developers, utilities and businesses to plan project recycling solutions into up-front contracts. We also offer solutions for residential storage products at their end of life either directly with consumers or working with installers and contractors.


Even the best manufacturing processes in the world create some waste. With EV and cell production ramping up around the globe at an unprecedented rate this production waste becomes a large cost and environmental impact if poorly processed. We work directly with manufacturing partners to turn what is often a disposal cost liability into a revenue recovery steam by quickly and efficiently returning as much value as possible back into the supply chain. This work significantly reduces the battery and EV manufacturing cost and further accelerates their adoption.

Consumer Electronics

The electronics market for cell phones, laptops, power tools, smart watches, data centers and countless other battery-powered devices is already creating massive amounts of scrap products. With lifetimes much shorter than EV’s these devices find themselves in the waste stream far sooner. This creates a challenging environmental problem. We have a significant opportunity to apply our technology at scale to recover materials from small consumer devices in the same way that we recover materials from EV batteries. We have the unique ability to recover value from both the electronics components (gold, copper, silver, tin, etc.) and the battery materials (lithium, cobalt, nickel, etc.) — learn about recycling with us!

The major opportunity is to think of this material for reuse and recovery.

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