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Join the team that is passionate about sustainability and using technology to solve environmental problems.

We are especially interested in backgrounds in chemistry, advanced equipment design, and automation.

We are hiring at our Northern Nevada facility (Carson City). If you love sustainability, chemistry, materials science, advanced equipment design, automation and seeing your hard work pay off, you will enjoy working here!

E-mail us your resume or LinkedIn profile, background information, and why you would be a good fit for the team.

Employment Opportunities


  1. Manufacturing Leaders
  2. Supply Chain
  3. Lab Technicians
  4. Logistics and Transportation
  5. Maintenance Technicians
  6. Production Associates
  7. Production Supervisors


  1. Chemical Process Engineering
  2. Business Operations
  3. Manufacturing Engineering
  4. Mechanical Engineering

Engineering and R&D

  1. Automation & Controls Engineers
  2. Chemical Process Engineers
  3. Mechanical Design Engineers
  4. Manufacturing Engineers
  5. Software Engineers
  6. Material Scientists
Join our team!

The major opportunity is to think of this material for reuse and recovery.

The Race To Crack Battery Recycling—Before It’s Too Late (Wired; Nov. 30, 2020)